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Our Cortado is a delightful blend of potency and harmony. This Spanish classic starts with a fresh shot of our intense, full-bodied espresso, known for its deep flavors and engaging complexity. We then add an equal amount of lightly steamed milk, which cuts through the espresso's robustness, reducing its acidity and adding a touch of sweetness. The result is a small but balanced coffee drink, presenting a perfect symmetry of strong coffee and smooth milk. Served in a special cortado glass, our Cortado retains the powerful essence of the espresso while introducing the gentle creaminess of the milk, delivering a smooth, well-rounded coffee experience. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy the rich taste of coffee complemented by a dash of creamy sweetness. Enjoy this delightful harmony of flavors with each comforting sip.


  • Normal Milk
    Low Fat Milk
    Lactose Free Milk
    Coconut Milk
    Oat Milk

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